10 Documentaries From The Toronto International Film Festival You Need To Watch

“The Pigeon Tunnel” is the latest foray into filmmaking from Errol Morris, a documentarian who has revolutionized the art form with his seminal works “The Thin Blue Line” and “Vernon, Florida.” It revolves around the career and early life of David Cornwell, perhaps better known as John le Carré, famed writer of such illustrious spy novels as “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and “The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.” 

Again demonstrating his strong voice as an interviewer, Morris weaves stories from Cornwell’s childhood traveling with his father, a con man whose career undoubtedly had an influence on his son’s future work. For his part, Cornwell displays a delightful caginess as he allows himself to be interviewed, only occasionally dropping tantalizing hints about his career with MI6 as a younger man.

“The Pigeon Tunnel” was received warmly by TIFF critics, with Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian praising Morris’ approach, saying, “Deferential and unthreatening as it is, [it] provides another example of a great truth in documentaries that the simple spectacle of clever people talking on camera is as gripping as any thriller.” And unlike some of the other documentaries included on this list, interested viewers won’t have long to catch this one: “The Pigeon Tunnel” is poised to hit Apple TV+ on October 20.

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