10 Of The Best Foreign Horror Shows Streaming Right Now

“Ju-On: Origins” is a Japanese series that presents itself as the “true story” behind the events of the original films, setting the stage for the iconic horror franchise. The show builds slowly, but the brutal violence mixed with the spooky supernatural elements make for an intriguing watch.

“Ju-On: Origins” jumps around in the timeline, but the basic premise is that an actress, Haruka Honjo (Yuina Kuroshima), has experienced a haunting that she believes started with her boyfriend, Tetsuya (Kai Inowaki). In trying to find a home for them both, Tetsuya visits a house where he is confronted by the ghost of a woman wearing white, a color often associated with both purity and death in Japanese horror. From that moment, he is haunted by it. Brutal things happen in that house and it appears that anyone who visits it is cursed in some way. 

In order to solve the mystery behind the curse, Haruka teams up with paranormal investigator Yasuo Odajima (Yoshiyoshi Arakawa), and a child protection agent, Kimie Ariyasu (Kana Kurashina). Unfortunately for our protagonists, the curse is a powerful, sinister force and the show pulls no punches on just how bad things can get. “Ju-On: Origins” can be a hard watch if you are triggered by domestic violence and rape, but it serves to illustrate that the story of Ju-On is much, much worse than the films first indicated. 

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