10 Things We Want To See In Scream 6

Yes, I miss Dewey. But I don’t think he needs to return in “Scream 6.” If the filmmakers went in that direction, it’d cheapen the hard-hitting death that “Scream 5” gave us. In the end, Dewey received the kind of heroic ending that his character always sought to have. In an interview with Variety, Arquette explained that Dewey always wanted to be a “Clint Eastwood”-like character. “Scream 5” gave him a bloody adieu that saved Tara (Jenna Ortega) and Sam Carpenter’s (Melissa Barrera) lives, going out in a blaze of glory.

Reflecting on that moment, Arquette told the outlet, “There was something noble about [his death] for Dewey. He was there to protect Sidney and the people of Woodsboro. There was a scene [between Dewey and Gale] and there was a take they didn’t use where I was super emotional. I sort of ad-libbed: ‘I’m a failure. I couldn’t save Judy, I couldn’t save my sister.'”

While the “Scream” franchise is known for surprise reveals (and deaths), this is one character beat that was so earnestly captured in “Scream 5,” that it’d feel like a betrayal of Dewey’s character arc to rob him of one final victory — despite him not living to see it.

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