12 Best Dustin Moments From Stranger Things, Ranked

Dustin doesn’t shy away from blasting people with his honest opinions. However, the kryptonite to his unabashed ego is seemingly law enforcement — as in the local police. We see the kid completely wilt like never before while speaking with officers Calvin Powell (Rob Morgan) and Phil Callahan (John Paul Reynolds), despite some fairly simplistic questions. Granted, Lucas and Max (Sink) offer little support, but Dustin caves under pressure like a house of straw.

“We went for a walk,” Max says after Powell asks why they were at the lake at the time of Patrick McKinney’s death.

“A walk? At 9 p.m.,” the officer retorts.

“Yes! To the lake,” Dustin humorously shrieks, his voice rising, eyes widening to the size of bowling balls. “To, uh, take a little swim. A late night swim.” He then lies unconvincingly about knowing Eddie, which draws Erica’s ire and leads to an argument among the adults.

We don’t always get to see Dustin’s humble side. Often, he’s too bold for his own good, so it is a welcome change of pace to see the kid squirm under pressure every now and again. Also, his perplexed reaction to Mr. Wheeler’s suggestion that they all do a little jail time is downright hilarious. That said, it’s a little hard to believe the adults in the room would buy the nonsense our trio is spewing, making this a funny, albeit unrealistic entry on the list.  

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