12 Funniest Groundskeeper Willie Moments In Simpsons History

The Movementarians is a new-age cult that is swept by way of Springfield, changing everybody on the town to its bogus set of beliefs. Well, not fairly everybody; Marge, Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, and Groundskeeper Willie are the one ones who have not fallen prey to the bizarre dogma of “the Leader.” Together, they kidnap Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie as a part of their plan to undo the Movementarians’ affect. While Marge makes headway with the youngsters, Willie has a severe sit-down with Homer, demanding to know what makes “the Leader” so nice. However, when Homer says that the Leader is aware of all and sees all, Willie instantly falls in love with the cult.

When Willie is revealed to be one of many few Springfieldians to not be seduced by the Movementarians, plainly it is his stubbornness that saves him, making his fast indoctrination all of the extra shocking. It did not even take a lot to brainwash him into believing the cult’s foolish lore; when Homer tells Willie that the Leader plans to sometime transport everybody to a beautiful new planet, he responds with, “Oh, this leader — he sounds like a grand fella!” However, the icing on the cake is when Marge tries to interrupt Willie’s “deprogramming” session, just for him to snap at her for stopping him from studying extra about his Leader. Oh, Groundskeeper Willie … if everybody else on the town jumped off a bridge, would you do it? Wait, do not reply that.

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