12 Monkeys Guaranteed Todd Stashwick A Spot In Season 3 Of Star Trek: Picard

In an interview with /Film’s Vanessa Armstrong, Matalas admitted that the writers for “Picard” never referred to Capt. Shaw by his character name during brainstorming sessions. The personality of Capt. Shaw, as well as his look and demeanor, were, the showrunner said, ported directly over from his preferred actor. Shaw wasn’t just written for Stashwick, but was modeled after him. Matalas said: 

“I think I said it just like that in the room and I go, ‘Just imagine Captain Stashwick,’ is what I said. So we immediately just ran from there, and there was never anyone else up for the role from that moment forward.”

Whatever alchemy was at work, Matalas hit on something wonderful. Stashwick is wonderful in the role, and Capt. Shaw is a character Trekkies are sure to love … to hate. One might compare Capt. Shaw to Capt. Jellico, the onetime commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Jellico, played by Ronny Cox, was all business, all confidence, and expected total loyalty. He was a massive change of pace from the ordinarily open-minded and egalitarian Capt. Picard. Jellico and Riker butted heads confidently. At the end of the day, however, Jellico proved that he was capable in a pinch. He simply had a different style. The same is true of Shaw, a self-described a-hole. 

While Capt. Shaw is only a supporting character in this season of “Picard,” there may be a chance to see the character more … under the right circumstances. The third season of “Picard” was announced as its last, but Matalas says to never say die. 

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