12 Shows Like Billions You Definitely Need To See

Bobby Axelrod is meant to be the rich guy you want to eat. Yet, through careful and clever writing, you’ll find yourself cheering on the dirty millionaire who is as obsessed with beating Chuck Rhoades as the U.S. Attorney is to taking Axe down once and for all. Axe and Chuck are arguably two sides of the same coin. They’re willing to break the rules to get what they want. Still, it’s intriguing that Axe, in particular, is easy to back despite representing the worst of Wall Street. His charm, wit, and monologues will have you fist-pumping the air because Damian Lewis is an engaging performer.

While Lewis has many memorable scenes in “Billions,” no role showcases the actor’s range like his turn as Marine sergeant Nicholas Brody in “Homeland.” Showtime’s international thriller follows CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). In the show’s first season, she’s convinced Brody was turned by Al-Qaeda after being taken as a prisoner of war. During his three seasons, Lewis depicts a traumatized soldier and disconnected family man, not to mention an increasingly mysterious (and dangerous) character. 

Once the truth is revealed, Lewis and the writers peel back the layers of Nicholas Brody even more, ultimately earning the actor an Emmy Award for his brilliant portrayal. If you were impressed with Lewis’ performance as Bobby Axelrod, let him really blow you away with the talent he brings to “Homeland.”

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