12 Star Wars Romances That Should Have Been

It was a rocky start for the bubbly Nikto mechanic Neeku (Josh Brener) and the clumsy human Kazuda (Christopher Sean), the stars of “Star Wars Resistance.” However, the two become inseparable as the First Order descends on their community and swallows up their normalcy. The two mechanics have their own love interests on the series, of course: Kaz crushes on Synara, and Neeku harbors feelings for fellow Nikto Nena (voiced by Brener’s real-life wife, Meghan Falcone). However, out of all of the relationships on the cartoon, Kaz’s dynamic with Neeku blossoms the most. Part of Kaz’s growth involves embracing the paragon of kindness that is Neeku, the poor mechanic who builds a sky projection for his refugee community. For Kaz, Neeku is a beacon of compassion to follow.

There’s a key moment in season 1 of “Star Wars Resistance” when Kaz screams at his Nikto friend, “I could kiss you!” Misreading the hyperbolic expression as a literal one, Neeku responds, “Hmmm. Sorry Kaz, but I do not feel the same way about you.” He’s not repulsed; he’s just trying to let his friend down easy. It’s a brief gag, but it’s the closest the show gets to canonically entertaining any romantic affection between the two. 

Needless to say, “Neekaz” is a real ship name. “Star Wars Resistance” ends with Kaz, Neeku, and friends getting a final drink together, despite the First Order still being a real threat. It’s enough to make you hope that Kaz and Neeku survive the upcoming war and live to share a beverage once again — perhaps as more than buddies.

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