1899, Netflix’s Sci-Fi Mystery Series From The Creators Of Dark, Has Already Been Canceled

Netflix’s early history as the noble streamer that sometimes saved interesting network and cable shows from cancellation is far behind it now, as the media giant has solidified an axe-happy image over these past few years. 2022 especially was a major year for Netflix cancellations, as the streamer introduced and then unceremonously ended shows like “Blockbuster,” “Archive 81,” “The Midnight Club,” and “First Kill.”

The cancellations come in the wake of a year that saw Netflix promising a vast programming slate — “New movies. Every week.” their ad from last February stated — only to reportedly make a bit of a heel turn after taking a massive market hit in April. Viewers still ended up with more movies and shows than they knew what to do with, sure, but reports started to surface that the streamer now has a mandate for quality over quantity, and the streamer has since canceled several in-progress TV projects, too.

While it’s perfectly possible that “1899,” with its enigmatic tone and deliberate pace, just wasn’t a good fit for the streamer, it seems telling that the show could reach so many viewers and still not earn a second season. Unfortunately, the current streaming landscape seems a little bit like the dangerous world of “1899,” in which anything in possible — but not always in a good way.

The eight-episode first season of “1899” is available on Netflix.

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