8 Moments In The Last Voyage Of The Demeter That Truly Terrified Us

“The Last Voyage of Demeter” should come with a huge ol’ “the dog dies” warning. Huckleberry, young Toby’s (Woody Norman) dog, is traipsing through the ship when he comes upon a figure shuffling in the distance. The dark hallway looms and casts eerie shadows on the walls. The figure stretches its wings and expands twice its size. The shadow alone is enough to make your skin crawl, but nothing can prepare you for what comes next.

Huckleberry barks at the form, which initially doesn’t move from its spot. As the camera pulls back, giving the viewer a more distant perspective, a black shadow darts across the wall. All you hear is the soft crunch of fur, flesh, and bone as the shape’s teeth enjoy a little snack. We later see the aftermath and what’s left of poor Huck — he’s essentially been flayed, and it’s a gruesome sight. In fact, all the animals aboard have had their throats ripped open. Puncture wounds wax red and hot.

Humans dying on screen is, of course, a sad affair. But when it involves animals (and especially dogs), there’s a sort of terror that courses in your blood. Huckleberry never stood a chance.

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