A Celebration Of Dom And Letty, Cinema’s Most Chemistry-Free Epic Romance Ever

As avowed followers of the “Fast & Furious” motion pictures, we all know a factor or two about exercising our suspension of disbelief. Want me to associate with NOS propelling vehicles just like the Millennium Falcon getting into hyperspace? Sure factor! Dom instantly and inexplicably acquires Sherlock Holmes-like powers of deduction and by no means makes use of it once more? Right on. But when the franchise retains attempting to promote the concept Dom and Letty are endgame and at all times have been, that is when issues get a bit of dicey.

For occasion, it is completely hilarious to return to the unique film and understand simply how a lot Dom acts like he can barely even tolerate Letty’s presence. Part of it, admittedly, is simply the general testosterone-flooded meatheadedness of the early aughts. Apparently, being “macho” demanded that the mysterious, too-cool-for-school Dom should continually flirt with different girls and usually act aloof about Letty’s affections, whereas she will get all jealous and protecting. But there’s additionally the amusing wrinkle when Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner discovers from Mia (Jordana Brewster) that Letty and Dom grew up collectively and had been basically childhood sweethearts. Say what?! If that had been true, then I’ve to marvel why Brian and Mia show extra chemistry of their very first scene collectively — the place the previous asks the latter for a foul tuna sandwich with the crust minimize off, thoughts you — than we ever get from Dom and Letty.

That’s hardly the franchise’s most head-scratching selection, nevertheless. It is not till 2009’s “Fast & Furious” that we even get a single significant dialogue scene between simply Letty and Dom alone. And keep in mind, that is solely moments earlier than Dom runs away and abandons her … after which she “dies” quickly after. Yeah, we must always discuss that, too.

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