A Lesson The New DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Movie Can Learn From The TV Show (And Wes Craven)

In DC Universe’s “Swamp Thing,” the titular character was made up of entirely practical prosthetic makeup and costuming, as worn by horror favorite Derek Mears. And the show did not hide him, either. It looked magnificent and believable in the daylight and glistened under the moonlight. Mears’ imposing figure brought Swamp Thing to live-action in faithful fashion, while every intricate detail of the practical suit remained in focus. Even when the character was opened up for an autopsy, real props and prosthetics were used to fill out his green insides.

Outside the fact that it looked realistic, a practical version of Swamp Thing allowed the creature to not feel out of place when interacting with other characters — especially with his love interest, Abigail Arcane (Crystal Reed). Swamp Thing had to have a palpable chemistry with her, one that carried over before and after becoming a part of the Green. There were bits of CGI used to enhance his super-powered abilities, but the suit itself remained a practical affair. And this was not the only time Swamp Thing was a real-life effect, either. The upcoming “Swamp Thing” film can learn another kind of lesson from its predecessors.

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