A Misguided Twist On The Rom-Com That Fails To Find Its Central Chemistry

Ultimately, “Your Place Or Mine” is a perfectly fine romantic comedy that has its high and low points. Witherspoon and Kutcher are just fine in their roles, spending nearly the entire movie apart from one another and depriving audiences of the typical rom-com tension build-up that has become a standard in the genre. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to go this route, but the version “Your Place Or Mine” chooses to employ doesn’t serve to keep tensions high and, in turn, keep the narrative exciting the whole way through. It has its strong suits, but “Your Place Or Mine” doesn’t take stock of one of the most important tenets of romance: physical connection, and that certainly becomes the movie’s central downfall. It’s not one to totally avoid, but hopefully, the next time a giant studio takes a chance on a star-driven romantic comedy — something that, frankly, we’re sorely lacking nowadays compared to the early aughts and 1990s rom-com heydays — it will at least involve two people who have some palpable chemistry.

/Film Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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