A Rebel Nun Battles A Villainous AI In Damon Lindelof’s New Peacock Series

When the entire world is taken over by a pervasive AI and nobody even seems to realize it, well, who else would you call to save the human race except “GLOW” star Betty Gilpin?

Co-created and co-written by Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez (the latter of whom serves as the showrunner on the series), “Mrs. Davis” stars Gilpin as Simone, the shockingly badass nun who takes it upon herself to rid the world of its most powerful algorithmic entity. Thrust into a quest to find the Holy Grail, she has no choice but to get on her motorcycle and plunge headfirst into her mission, which apparently involves all the surrealist imagery that fans could hope for from a Lindelof production. Rolling pastures eerily filled with dozens of pianos, pockets of human resistance groups, and even a dash of Ren Faire fantasy all highlight the hilariously bizarre world of “Mrs. Davis.”

With multiple episodes (including the premiere) directed by “Black Mirror” alum Owen Harris, the 8-episode series stars Gilpin, Jake McDorman, and Andy McQueen along with a strong supporting cast that includes Ben Chaplin, Margo Martindale, David Arquette, Elizabeth Marvel, Katja Herbers, Chris Diamantopoulos, Ashley Romans, Tom Wlaschiham and Mathilde Ollivier.

“Mrs. Davis” premieres on Peacock April 20, 2023 with its first four episodes, followed by a weekly release every Thursday.

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