A Slacker Comedy For The Living Impaired [Fantastic Fest 2023]

RKSS has never had an issue with world-building, and that holds true with “We Are Zombies.” Zombieism feels natural in this metropolis, where the walking, talking, and remembering undead treat death like a second chance (although death by suffocation might ruin vocal abilities, for example). Living impaired activists preach equality while Tucker Carlson types wage social warfare against the zomboid class, which isn’t exactly cutting deep representative satire, but feels lived-in as an Earth variant. The schtick of decaying citizens living harmoniously among everyday humans can be funny as zed intestines gunk up Freddy’s front tire, with the now bisected living impaired man narrating his inconvenient predicament like ’tis but a flesh wound.

Unsurprisingly, RKSS emphasizes practical effects wherever possible in “We Are Zombies.” Perhaps that’s Maddox’s deranged living impaired artwork (turning them into hacked-apart installation pieces), spinning a festering grandfather’s head like it’s attached to a lawnmower motor as sparklers fizzle from behind. Maybe that’s a sleazeball criminal torn open and devoured by living impaired hordes doped up with a secret chemical. RKSS are fiendishly creative, which shows through Otto’s collection, including a mini-boss giant who looks like Goro from “Mortal Kombat” pushed through “Thir13een Ghosts” and “Hellraiser” filters. When “We Are Zombies” is allowed to be graphically violent, blood flows and organs flop around like you’re watching a George A. Romero movie.

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