A Tight Deadline Meant Batman Beyond Had To Make Things Up ‘On The Fly’

Timm discussed the origins of “Batman Beyond” with IGN, coincidently two decades after the series debuted. During the interview, he revealed that once his initial doubts subsided, it was a race against time to get the series made:

Once I came around on it, we had to hit the ground running. We had no time to develop the show. And we were still finishing up ‘The New Batman Adventures.’ So we were doing two shows at the same time. We didn’t have scripts, we didn’t have characters, we hadn’t done any of the world building yet. It was a mad dash. We were making stuff up on the fly.

The quick turnaround of “Batman Beyond” required all the help it could get, too. Writers, directors, and other crew members were recruited from several DCAU-adjacent shows, including “Superman: The Animated Series.” At the very least, the final product is a testament to their commitment to producing a worthy continuation of “Batman: The Animated Series,” an ambitious endeavor that could’ve ended in disaster.

The combined efforts led to the acclaimed series we know and love, confidently introducing an unforgettable addition to the vast Batman canon. But don’t take our word for it, either. If you haven’t experienced “Batman Beyond” yet, all three seasons are available to stream on HBO Max.

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