Alex Kurtzman Says Star Trek Crossovers Will Only Happen If The Story Dictates It

Because they take place close enough to one another, there was every reason to believe that the crew of the U.S.S. Protostar on “Star Trek: Prodigy” could perhaps interact with the characters on “Star Trek: Picard.” When the interviewer made the suggestion, Kurtzman shot it down immediately, saying: 

“There are crossover elements. You’ll see that in all the shows, that the shows are now beginning to reference things that happen in different timelines so that we have a cohesive universe … but again, I only believe in bringing things together if there’s just an incredibly great story reason to do it. So you’ll see references.”

“Lower Decks” in particular has been rife with references to older Trek shows, although little has been references from newer Trek shows. There will soon be a crossover between “Lower Decks” and “Strange New Worlds,” however, so those references may be coming shortly. Many Trekkies, of course, would love more details about what might happen for certain beloved characters that have already been revived. Capt. Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), for instance, already appears on “Prodigy,” leading some to ponder that Mulgrew may return in live-action as well. Kurtzman put the kibosh on those rumors right quick. Janeway is on the radar, but, he said:

“We have plans for new things. I’m not speaking specifically about anything. But yes, there’s quite a few plans, and you’ll hear about them soon. We will continue to expand the Star Trek universe, absolutely.” 

As for the possible TV series about Trek’s secret service division Section 31 that will potentially star Michelle Yeoh, Kurtzman was blunt:

“I can tell you that we’re still very excited about Section 31. And that’s all I will say.”

For now, patience, fellow Trekkies. 

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