Alison Brie Never Actually Thought Community Would Get Six Seasons And A Movie

“Community” has been off the air since 2015, meaning more time has passed since the show was on than the show was actually airing. The cast and crew of “Community” have moved on to a whole host of new things. Take Alison Brie, who played the ultimate Type A neurotic Annie Edison. Since “Community,” she has starred in three seasons of “GLOW” and has made quite a splash in the indie comedy scene as both an actor and writer. In a recent interview with Collider for “Somebody I Used to Know” that she co-wrote and stars in (along with Danny Pudi), Brie expressed her shock that this mantra is actually being fulfilled and a “Community” movie is on the horizon:

“It’s crazy. I’m totally surprised. For a long time, I think it was just a great joke. It was a great hashtag. It was a great way for a stranger to yell something at me, from across the street. And it’s a credit to our fans, absolutely, that it’s happening. The ‘Community’ fans are the best. They made this happen. They have kept six seasons and a movie a dream that’s been alive for all of these years. So, I am totally surprised and super excited.”

In the interview, Brie says she believes the film will shoot this summer but has yet to read a script. If you’ve listened to any “Community” commentary or interview, you’ll know seeing a Dan Harmon script late in the game is no real shocker. All Alison Brie knows right now is she will be involved and hopes that they “are all on set together this summer.” I certainly hope so too, especially if her definition of “all” really is “all.”

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