An Intense Competition Among Barbie’s Cast Led To A Memorable Ken Scene

There might have been a bit of healthy aggression between the Kens on the set of “Barbie,” but that doesn’t mean that there was any real drama. Overall, the set was an incredibly positive environment, even in the overwhelming cloud of masculine Kenergy that was those all-Ken workouts. “It was a real fun and competitive environment for everyone involved,” the on-set trainer told Insider.

Liu and Gosling might have had some real antagonism under the surface, but it was played up for the sake of the film. At the end of the day, both of these actors are professionals, and they didn’t walk away with any bad blood between them. Liu described acting opposite Gosling as “such a joy” in his interview with Men’s Health, a glowing review that he certainly wouldn’t have given if he and Gosling had any true conflict.

Some curious fans have taken it upon themselves to analyze a strange encounter between the actors on the red carpet, where Gosling appears to move away from Liu as they pose for a picture together, per ET Canada. Although the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike prohibited Liu from responding to the circulating video and subsequent backlash at length, he did post on Instagram in an effort to de-escalate rumors, assuring fans that he would “beach off with [Gosling] again in a heartbeat.”

Just like the film itself, this fateful pull-up competition was light-hearted, with just a sprinkle of darkness brewing under the surface. Life has been known to imitate art, and the set of a meta film like “Barbie” only blurs the lines even more than usual. But from what Liu has to say about the film set and his co-stars, it seems like there was nothing but good Kenergy.

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