An Ode To Joe Manganiello’s Gas Station Challenge In Magic Mike XXL

Richie received the validation that he’s still got the moves, and all it took was pushing a little bit outside his comfort zone. It presents him with the confidence he needs to take a leap and do something he’s always wanted to do. By the time the group lands in Myrtle Beach, it’s time to shine. Right before the mini-mart pit stop, he’s overwhelmed with a wave of passion for a new idea involving a wedding-themed routine. Cloaked in a dashing suit, Richie extends a silent proposal, before “marrying” her in front of the roaring crowd with a comically large diamond.

But it’s after this that Big Dick Richie comes out to play, as he gently secures his faux bride to a large sex swing, and proceeds to show her the time of her life. The mini-mart scene would have worked well enough as a cute one-off, but “Magic Mike XXL” shows how it works in the bigger picture, and all of the dancers have unique experiences along this trip that they end up bringing to the stage. The rejuvenation in their line of work presents them with an opportunity to share it with the folks that come out to see them. Who would have thought that Cheetos, water, and a shirt toss would result in a healthy and sexy masculine presence who thrives on the intimacy of women’s desires?

“Magic Mike XXL” never fails to bring me to my happy place. Big Dick Richie wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m sure.

“Magic Mike XXL” is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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