Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn’t Film A Single Scene With His Batman & Robin Co-Stars

It’s not unheard of for major movie stars to big-time their scene partners by having them speak their lines to their doubles. It’s generally garbage behavior, but on the set of “Batman & Robin,” it was a time-saving compromise necessitated by the tight production schedule.

In the documentary “Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight,” which was shot for the four-film “Motion Picture Anthology” DVD set, Chris O’Donnell recalled the situation thusly:

“[I]’m in a lot of scenes with Mr. Freeze, I never worked a single day with Arnold. Not a single day. I was on the set with him a lot. I’d hang out and talk to him, I did a lot of publicity with him, but literally, they had a double for him that was so good, and that suit was so complicated and involved to get on, that unless Arnold was talking in a scene, he wasn’t in that costume.”

During a 2020 appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” Clooney expressed amusement at the whole boondoggle.

“[T]hey paid Arnold $25 million to be in it. They paid me, like, one. And we never even worked together, we never even saw each other. It was … a big monster machine, and I just sort of jumped in and did what they said.”

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