At Midnight Almost Featured Diego Boneta Singing Multiple Songs [Exclusive]

According to Feingold, Boneta actually had two songs in the works for “At Midnight,” but the final version of the film didn’t end up including them. “There’s an unreleased opening,” Feingold tells /Film. “For the opening credit sequence, we originally wanted two minutes of titles.” A longer title sequence would have allowed time for a musical moment, but apparently, Paramount wasn’t willing to make it happen. “Paramount said no, which is understandable; it’s a streaming movie.” While Feingold says he’s “very thankful” for the credits the film ended up with, which are 45 seconds total, Boneta actually had a song lined up for the longer version.

“Diego was going to sing an original song as the opening number,” Feingold reveals. “And then, during [the] ‘At Midnight’ montage, he was also going to sing a song that my composer, Grant Fonda, had written that was half English, half Spanish, and it’s all about meeting at midnight.” According to Feingold, the song had “very ‘Cinderella’ vibes,” but it ended up getting cut as well. “Ultimately, we decided it wasn’t best for the tone and for the pacing of the film,” Feingold says. “But it was a conversation, and I’m trying to get him to sing in the next movie.”

Hopefully “the next movie” means that the Paramount+ rom-com universe will keep growing and Boneta will get the chance to return to his musical roots, preferably in a sequel called “At Noon.” For now, though, fans will have to be satisfied by seeing his character, Alejandro, fall in love with Barbaro’s Sophie the old-fashioned way: while hiding from paparazzi at a Mexican beach resort.

“At Midnight” hits Paramount+ on February 10, 2023.

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