At Midnight Star Diego Boneta Wants To Show Mexico City’s Beauty In This Rom-Com [Exclusive Interview]

There’s a fairytale feel to this film, and I know [director] Jonah [Feingold] said there were a lot of fairytale influences. Did that sort of stylistic choice influence how you approached the role?

Absolutely. That was all Jonah, and that’s why we chose him as our director. This is a project that I started developing in 2018 after shooting and producing “Luis Miguel” [“The Series”]. After many, many different drafts and different directors and writers involved in this, Jonah came in, and I watched his film “Dating & New York.” I loved it because I thought it was just such a fresh take on a rom-com, and his sensibility, his taste, his style was just so great. When we met with him, he was like, “I want this to have a bit of that magic and have it be a nod and an ode to these ’90s rom-coms, but also have a little bit of that fairytale magic,” which I loved. That was all Jonah.

I love that. What I thought was really cool here is you and a lot of the other characters got to speak Spanish. We didn’t do the thing where we pretend that everyone speaks English. What was that like to get an opportunity to do that in this film?

I think it was very important to me as a producer and being Mexican that Mexico was shown in an authentic way. Nowadays, I think people and audiences appreciate the authenticity. If you have two Mexican characters, they should speak Spanish. We wanted to keep it as authentic as possible.

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