Babylon’s Costume Designer ‘Made’ Damien Chazelle Wear A Chicken Suit [Exclusive]

When asked if there were any costumes or details that Zophres and her team worked particularly hard on that would probably go unnoticed by most general audiences, Zophres referred to the chicken costume. While assembling a lookbook of photographs from the ’20s, there was a photo that made the collection of a man in a chicken suit that Zophres was particularly compelled by.

“We had developed this photo album of the Wallach party of things that we loved. There is a photograph from the ’20s that Damien loved, I loved, and it’s this guy standing in a full, round chicken costume […] I said to Damien, ‘Wouldn’t this be awesome at the Wallach party?’ He was like, ‘Yeah.’ We’re fitting and it’s in the beginning of the shooting schedule, and so this thing of this chicken costume is just hanging over my head. ‘How am I going to do this?’ But I wanted to do it so badly. We just started chipping away at it.”

Inspired and determined to get this chicken costume into the final film, Zophres referred to one of her crew members for this assignment, specialty costume designer Sarah Brown, who created a base for the costume and covered it with real, actual feathers. Brown’s creation of the chicken costume was a side project that dipped into overtime. “She was game. She took three of her weekends,” Zophres explained to /Film. “She got paid, but still, that desire to do something creative and create something you may have never created before and try to problem solve.”

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