Barbie Overtakes The Dark Knight At The Box Office To Become WB’s Biggest Domestic Release Ever

Currently, all eyes are on “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” as it stands alone as the highest-grossing movie of 2023 both domestically and worldwide. “Barbie” will, however, pass it at the domestic box office any day now as the movie only needs to get past the $574 million mark. That is assured. The only big question left now is whether or not the film will have enough gas in the tank to pass “Mario” worldwide, with Universal’s Nintendo adaptation having pulled in $1.35 billion earlier this year. It’s going to be close, but it also seems likely at this point.

No matter what happens from this point on, Warner Bros, Gerwig, Robbie, and all involved get to celebrate what has been a record-breaking theatrical run beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Gerwig now has the highest-grossing movie directed by a woman ever, Robbie has cemented herself as one of our biggest modern movie stars, and Warner Bros. probably has a new franchise that will be making them money for years to come. Not to mention Mattel, as the toy company already has tons of other movies on the way in the wake of this movie’s success. Barbie is the hero we deserve, and the one we needed right now.

“Barbie” is currently playing in theaters.

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