Barbie’s Best Movie Props Now Live In A Tightly Secured Vault At Warner Bros.

The rug on the floor of Weird Barbie’s dream house is an irregular rainbow pattern that, in any light, is ostentatious and appealing; there aren’t too many rooms where it would look out of place. The rug, however, was whisked off to the WB vault as soon as shooting was completed. The Warner Bros. archive is, as one might picture, a massive warehouse in Los Angeles that contains hundreds and hundreds of old movie props, and which is rarely open to the public. Back in April, the studio did finally open the vault for tours, and curious visitors could go look at Batman cowls and Batmobiles to their heart’s content. No, you are not allowed to put on the cowls or sit in the Batmobiles. Also in the archive are the clothes worn by James Dean in “East of Eden,” the Freddy Kreuger glove worn by Robert Englund in “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and multiple movie cars. 

The pink Cadillac from “Elvis” is in there, as is the Dusenberg from “The Great Gatsby.” If it counts as a vehicle, one can also see the power loader-like weapons suit from “The Matrix Revolutions.” Perhaps most impressive is the “shrimp hand” glove used in the movie “Beetlejuice.” There are also boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of movie scripts. 

The Barbie car is there, too. As is the mythical rainbow rug. Spenser, in the Time article, said: 

“We all wanted her rug, but it’s gone into the Warner Bros. vault of goods. But I love the fact that in this vault where you have to go through so much security, you have the Batmobile and then you have Barbie’s car.”

They are both superheroes, after all.

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