Barry Goes Old Testament In Season 4 Episode 6

When Barry begins searching for loopholes in his religion, he is ready to discover them relatively rapidly. There is a bit of spiritual precedent for holy homicide — as Barry’s podcast says, “the Old Testament tells us that there are sanctioned killings in the eyes of God.” God instantly instructs his followers to hold out a bloodbath of the Canaanites. “There’s also an eye for an eye,” the podcast host provides, which resonates with Barry — Cousineau is threatening his livelihood as soon as once more, due to this fact he’s justified in killing him. But Barry nonetheless has to dig just a little deeper to discover a non secular chief that can sanction this homicide.

The indisputable fact that God sanctions any killing in any respect leaves some leeway for Barry and different violent Christians to really feel that they’re performing “within their faith” after they commit homicide — a blatant and large violation of the commandments. Barry listens to a different podcast host with a poor deal with on faith, who says that he want solely search for an indication from God to justify his violence. This signal may are available in any type, even simply an “intense feeling.” For Barry, this signal is a door left ajar.

Barry is perhaps referencing the Old Testament when justifying his return to killing, however he has positively crafted his personal definition of faith. The serial killer’s understanding of Christianity is extremely unfastened and may clearly be re-shaped to accommodate no matter he feels compelled to do, no matter how large a sin it is perhaps. He is perhaps listening to Evangelical sermons, however Barry’s faith is a faculty of its personal.

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