Barry Is Out For ‘Vengeance’ As The Series Finale Approaches

At first, it looks like Barry’s values have shifted since he had a son, however he shortly reveals his true colours. The factor about John that is most essential to Barry is his opinion as an viewers member within the efficiency of a lifetime.

“The thing that was nice about him having a kid is Barry had a chance to be the person he always wanted to be in the eyes of his son, which is a hero and a guy who does the right thing and a guy who’s not violent,” Hader defined to The Wrap in early May. “This kind of upstanding American guy, which is a character he’s playing. So they’re still acting. It’s this idea of him being this upstanding person, but now he has this kid, and this kid can see him and reflect back the person he wants to be, and that’s really important to him.”

This is the integrity he appears to be defending — not the protection of his household, however his ethical righteousness in his son’s eyes. He abandons Sally and John to seek out Cousineau when he poses a merely existential menace to them, and Barry even admits that his solely purpose for attempting to kill the outdated man is that he does not need John to know the reality. Barry is determined to remain in character as his personal perfect man, and now that his son is in Hank and Fuches’ grasp, his picture will certainly be compromised.

It’s clear that there will not be a cheerful ending for Barry, however there’ll most likely be a bloody one. The solely factor that is sure is that he is out for vengeance, and when that man’s on the warpath, his enemies ought to most likely get out of the way in which.

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