Barry Season 4 Episode 6 Offers Pitch Perfect Gun Control Satire

Barry is ready to purchase a handgun such as you would any innocuous objects at Walmart or Target. There’s no background verify, both to evaluate both his intent or psychological health to personal a weapon. I would not be shocked if that is how the joke happened. Since Barry has been in hiding and desires the gun instantly, he cannot await or go a background verify. So, the writers took benefit of the time bounce to bypass that barrier totally.

There is one check Barry has to go although. “By law, I’m supposed to show you these pictures,” the clerk says, as she exhibits him a collage of bloody violence with the caption, “This is what guns can do.” Barry, who is aware of full nicely already, smiles and nods. There’s a brand new mass taking pictures virtually day by day within the U.S. Despite cries from the general public, no new gun management regulation has been handed. In the close to way forward for “Barry,” it appears lawmakers lastly took motion — to decontrol weapons additional and make them much more accessible than they’re in the present day.

The image check additional implies that gun violence hasn’t stopped. And why wouldn’t it? No actual issues ever get mounted on this nation — the established order is just too worthwhile for essentially the most highly effective (and evil) folks alive. Everything simply will get slowly worse as band-aids are taped over bullet wounds. Showing future murderers photos of the violence they wish to inflict within the hopes it would disgrace them? That’s precisely the form of coverage that U.S. politicians — and nobody else — would describe as a “reasonable compromise.”

The gun violence epidemic in America has develop into really, tragically absurd. “Barry” understands that satire is taking absurdity to the following logical step.

“Barry” airs on HBO and streams on HBO Max on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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