Batman Beyond’s Confusing Place In The Animated Series Timeline Explained

“Batman Beyond” depends on viewer familiarity; the story resonates due to the way it reinterprets the Batman delusion. Timm, nonetheless, says that he and his fellow manufacturing employees tried to make “Justice League” right into a gateway sequence: “We can’t pre-suppose that everyone who watches “JL” has seen every episode of our previous series; more likely, most of them haven’t.”

For occasion, “Superman: The Animated Series” ended with “Legacy,” the place the Man of Steel is brainwashed by Darkseid into invading Earth. At the tip of the sequence, the general public’s belief in Superman is shattered … however by the start of “Justice League,” it has been rebuilt as a result of a beloved Superman is what audiences would anticipate. Timm even cites a line that needed to be rewritten to account for this.

“Originally, in part one of ‘Secret Origins,’ General Wells’ line, ‘We can’t entrust the world’s security to one man’ ended with ‘… especially HIM!’ We felt that anyone who hadn’t seen ‘Legacy’ would be confused, wondering, ‘Well, why NOT him? Why does this guy hate Superman so much?’ As it is now, it works both ways: either Wells is just being a practical military tactician, or he doesn’t trust the guy who almost conquered the world for Darkseid. Similarly, Superman’s line, ‘I’ve worked long and hard to earn your trust’ has different meanings to long-time fans and ‘newbie’ audiences.”

Whenever you attempt to please two competing teams of individuals, you will finally begin to favor one. On “Justice League,” the writers finally got here down on the aspect of longtime followers.

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