Berlin Buzz Titles: 28 EFM Packages to Tempt Buyers

The European Film Market kicks off Feb. 16 with a wide assortment of films from sellers around the world. Below is a healthy selection of what’s on offer for buyers.

The Adults  

Director: Alex Winter 
Key cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Josh Gad, Anthony Carrigan 
Synopsis: A sister and brother, Megan and Nathan are barely hanging on and their lives are completely upended when they discover a dead body, long buried in their parent’s basement, sending them down a rabbit hole of crime and murder. 
Producers: Alex Winter, Scott Kroopf, Russell Hollander 
Sales: Rocket Science (international); CAA Media Finance (domestic) 

The Astronaut 

Director: Jess Varley  
Key cast: Emma Roberts, Laurence Fishburne  
Producers: Brad Fuller, Eric B. Fleischman, Cameron Fuller  
Synopsis: When astronaut Sam Walker (Roberts) returns from her first space mission, she’s found miraculously alive in a punctured capsule floating deep off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. General William Harris (Fishburne) arranges for her to be placed under intense NASA surveillance in a high security house for rehabilitation and medical testing. However, when disturbing occurrences begin happening around the property, she fears that something extraterrestrial has followed her back to Earth. 
Sales: Highland Film Group (international); CAA Media Finance and UTA Independent Film Group (domestic) 


Director: E.L. Katz 
Producers: Dan Kagan, Dave Caplan, Simon Barrett 
Key cast: Samara Weaving  
Synopsis: In a world in which no one speaks, a devout female-led community hunts down a young woman who has escaped her imprisonment.  
Sales: Mossbank (international); UTA Independent Film Group and CAA Media Finance (domestic) 

Ballerina Overdrive 

Director: Vicky Jewson 
Producers: Kelly McCormick, David Leitch, Annie Marter 
Key cast: Lena Headey, Yara Shahidi, Isabela Merced, Lana Condor, Millicent Simmonds, Iris Apatow 
Synopsis: Drama follows a troupe of ballerinas who find themselves fighting for survival as they attempt to escape from a remote inn after their bus breaks down on the way to a dance competition. 
Sales: The Veterans (international); CAA Media Finance (domestic) 


Director: Thomas Napper 
Producers: Christina Weiss Lurie, Haley Bennett, Joe Wright   
Key cast: Haley Bennett,  Tom Sturridge, Sam Riley, Leo Suter, Anson Boon  
Synopsis: After her husband’s death, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin defied convention by assuming the reins of the fledgling wine business they had nurtured together. Steering the company through dizzying political and financial reversals, she became one of the world’s first great businesswomen and one of the richest women of her time.   
Sales: WME Independent 

Daniela Forever    

Director: Nacho Vigalondo  
Producers: Sayaka Producciones, Wrong Men, Señor y Señora and XYZ Films 
Key cast: Henry Golding   
Synopsis: A man signs up for a sleep trial that allows him to reconstruct his life with a dead partner through the use of dreams.   
Sales: XYZ Films  

“Fairyland” is being sold by Arclight Films (international) and UTA Independent Film Group, Gersh (domestic) 
Courtesy of Sundance Institute


Key cast: Scoot McNairy, Emilia Jones, Geena Davis, Adam Lambert, Maria Bakalova, Cody Fern  
Director: Andrew Durham 
Producers: Sofia Coppola, Andrew Durham, Greg Laurantino, Megan Carlson, Siena Oberman, Laure Sudreau 
Synopsis: Drama debuted to acclaim at Sundance and follows a widower and his daughter in 1970s; as he develops his poetic and personal writing and begins to openly date men, his bohemian lifestyle clashes with the expectations of parenthood. 
Sales: Arclight Films (international); UTA Independent Film Group, Gersh (domestic) 

The Fisherwoman 

Director: Brian Kirk 
Producers: Greg Silverman, Jon Berg, Jonas Katzenstein,  Maximilian Leo 
Key cast: Emma Thompson 
Synopsis: Thompson plays a widowed fisherwoman, isolated in a blizzard in northern Minnesota, who stumbles across a kidnapping in progress and becomes the teenage victim’s last resort 
Sales: Mossbank (international); Mossbank, CAA Media Finance, Augenschein (domestic) 

Four Letters of Love 

Director: Polly Steele 
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Helena Bonham Carter, Gabriel Byrne, Fionn O’Shea, Ann Skelly 
Synopsis: Romantic Irish story based on Niall Williams international bestselling novel.  
Sales: Cornerstone (international)  
Producers: Debbie Gray, Douglas Cummins   


Director: Rowan Athale  
Producers: AGC Studios, Tea Shop Prods., White Star Prods., Balboa Prods. 
Key cast: Paddy Considine, Mena Massoud  
Synopsis: Giant tells the exhilarating yet heart-breaking true story of the meteoric rise of British-Yemeni boxer Prince Naseem Hamed (Massoud), and his relationship with Irish boxing trainer Brendan Ingle (Considine).   
Sales: AGC Studios 

Girl From the North Country 

Director: Conor McPherson 
Producers: Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin 
Key cast: Olivia Colman, Woody Harrelson, Chlöe Bailey, Tosin Cole 
Synopsis: Based in 1934 in Duluth, Minnesota during the Great Depression, a group of wayward travellers’ lives intersect in a guesthouse filled with music, life and hope. Adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical with music by Bob Dylan, written and directed by Conor McPherson.  
Sales: Rocket Science (international); CAA Media Finance (domestic) 

God’s Country  

Director: Egor Abramenko  
Producers: Matt Reeves, Rafi Crohn, Ara Keshishian, Petr Jákl, Adam Kassan, Melissa Barrera   
Key cast: Melissa Barrera  
Synopsis: A young Salvadoran woman travels to Kentucky to meet her fiancé, uncovering something sinister beyond comprehension, as her American dream curdles into a nightmare proportions.   
Sales: WME Independent 

“Green Bank” is being sold by Protagonist Pictures.
Courtesy of The Characters Talent Agency and Getty

Green Bank 

Director: Josh Ruben 
Producer: Andy Horwitz 
Key cast: Tatiana Maslany, Jasmin Savoy Brown  
Synopsis: The film follows infant sleep-trainer Sloan (Brown), who realizes that the parents of the child she’s caring for are much more than the clueless yuppies they seem to be. 
Sales: Protagonist Pictures 

Hell of a Summer 

Directors: Finn Wolfhard and Billy Bryk 
Key cast: Finn Wolfhard, Billy Bryk, Fred Hechinger, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Abby Quinn, Pardis Saremi 
Synopsis: Original horror-comedy with the plot details under wraps. 
Producers: Jason Bateman, Michael Costigan, Jay Van Hoy, Finn Wolfhard, Billy Bryk, Fred Hechinger.  
Sales: Altitude Film Sales (international); 30West and CAA Finance (domestic) 

It Lives Inside  

Director: Bishal Dutta 
Producers: Raymond Mansfield, Sean McKittrick 
Key cast: Megan Suri, Neeru Bajwa, Vik Sahay, Betty Gabriel  
Synopsis: Horror tale is based partially on Indian legend, partially on a personal family story from Dutta’s grandfather and partially on the filmmaker’s experience being born in India and moving to and being raised in America. 
Sales: Protagonist Pictures (international) 


Director: Jonathan Sobol   
Producers: William G. Santor, Doug Murray, Nicholas Tabarrok 
Key cast: Isabelle Fuhrman, Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Josh Hutcherson, Kiera Allen 
Synopsis: A brilliant computer scientist is recruited by a charismatic tech billionaire to work on a secret project that could change humanity’s place in the universe forever, but it comes at a great risk. 
Sales: Radiant Films Intl. 


Director: Osgood Perkins 
Producers: Nicolas Cage, Dan Kagan, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Dave Caplan, Chris Ferguson 
Key cast: Nicolas Cage, Maika Monroe 
Synopsis: An FBI agent Lee Harker (Monroe) is a gifted new recruit assigned to the unsolved case of an elusive serial killer (Cage).  
Sales: Black Bear Intl. (international), UTA Independent Film Group and CAA Media Finance (domestic) 

“Manodrome” is being sold by CAA for domestic.


Director: John Trengove 
Key cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Adrien Brody, Odessa Young 
Producers: Ben Giladi, Gina Gammell, Riley Keough, Ryan Zacarias  
Synopsis: Ralphie scrapes by as an Uber driver, but his girlfriend has a baby on the way and the future is uncertain. Drama unspools in the Berlin Film Festival. 
Sales: CAA 

Moss & Freud 

Director:  James Lucas 
Key cast: Ellie Bamber, Derek Jacobi  
Producer: Matthew Metcalfe 
Synopsis: The film is a dramatized account of supermodel Kate Moss when, at the peak of her fame, she made the decision to sit for famed British artist Lucian Freud. It was a decision that deeply impacted and transformed both of their lives. 
Sales: Cornerstone (international) 

Nobody Nothing Nowhere 

Directors: Alex H. Fischer, Rachel Wolther 
Producers: Josh Penn, Michael Gottwald, Allison Rose Carter, Octavia Spencer,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt 
Key cast: Octavia Spencer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lucy Liu  
Synopsis: The story of Ruth, one of the Non-People, human-looking beings designed and trained for the sole purpose of filling in a realistic world for a bland guy named Dave, the only person that actually exists on Earth. Tired of serving as an extra in someone else’s life, she’s ready to demand a life of her own  
Sales: The Exchange (international); The Exchange, CAA Film Finances and WME Independent (domestic) 

The Order 

Director: Justin Kurzel  
Producers: AGC Studios, Chasing Epic Pictures, Riff Raff Entertainment 
Key cast: Jude Law, Nicholas Hoult  
Synopsis: In 1983, a series of increasingly violent bank robberies, counterfeiting operations and armored car heists frightened communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. As baffled law enforcement agents scrambled for answers, a lone FBI agent (Law) came to believe the crimes were not the work of traditional, financially motivated criminals, but a group of dangerous domestic terrorists, inspired by a radical, charismatic leader (Hoult), plotting a devastating war against the federal government of the United States. 
Sales: AGC Intl. (international); CAA Media Finance (North America) 

The Penguin Lessons 

Director: Peter Cattaneo 
Producers: Rory Aitken, Ben Pugh, Robert Walak   
Key cast: Steve Coogan 
Synopsis: Based on Tom Michell’s bestseller, drama is the true story of a disillusioned Englishman who went to work in a school in Argentina in 1976, and expecting an easy ride, he discovered instead a complicated and divided nation – and a class of practically unteachable young boys. However, when he finds a small penguin washed up on an oil slicked beach, his life is turned upside down – and the penguin becomes not only a valued friend, but also a teacher of life’s most important lessons, for Tom, the boys and, in fact, everyone he meets. 
Sales: Rocket Science (international); CAA Media Finance (domestic) 

The Prima Donna 

Director: Nathan Silver 
Production: David Lancaster, Julian Lawitschka, Wolfgang Hammer, Hal Sadoff , Ethan Erwin, Alex Mace 
Key cast: Toni Collette, Odessa Young 
Synopsis: Darkly funny revenge thriller about dysfunctional family dynamics. 
Sales: Cornerstone (international); CAA Media Finance and Anonymous Content (North America) 

The Riker’s Ghost 

Director: Neil Jordan  
Key cast: Liam Neeson 
Synopsis: Thriller follows a convict set for release (Neeson) who is forced to break a terrorist out of prison, when his lawyer is kidnapped, as he is the only one who knows a way out. 
Producers: Alan Moloney, Steve Richards, Jake Katofsky, Susan Mullen, Rupert Wyatt  
Sales: Capstone Global (international) 

“Seven Veils” is being sold by XYZ Films.

Seven Veils  

Director: Atom Egoyan  
Producers: Rhombus Media and Ego Film Arts, produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, in association with Cinetic Media, IPR.VC, XYZ Films and the Canadian Opera Company    
Key cast: Amanda Seyfried  
Synopsis: Haunted by dark and disturbing memories from her past, a theatrer director has been given the daunting task of remounting her former mentor’s most famous work, the opera “Salome.”   
Sales: XYZ Films 


Director: Rob Edwards  
Producers: RTG Features, Lengi Studios, Cinema Gypsy Productions, RB Ventures, Modern Toons, Waffle Iron Entertainment 
Key cast: Anthony Mackie, Martin Lawrence, Chloe Bailey, Laurence Fishburne, Macy Gray, Chris Paul  
Synopsis: Animated feature follows the adventures of Ty, a misguided designer sneaker who doesn’t know life outside the comforts of his velvet-lined shoe box. After his sister is stolen by a shady collector, Ty must venture into the big city to rescue her.  
Sales: CAA Media Finance (North America/China); GFM Animation (International)   

Strictly Confidential 

Director: Damian Hurley 
Producers: Raymond Mansfield, Sean McKittrick 
Key cast: Elizabeth Hurley, Georgia Lock, Genevieve Gaunt  
Synopsis: Mia is haunted by the suicide of her best friend, Rebecca. She reluctantly accepts an invitation to Rebecca’s family home in the Caribbean, where a group of her friends have gathered on the anniversary of her death. However, once on the island, Mia is plagued by suspicions that there’s more to Rebecca’s death than meets the eye and finds herself drawn into a world of sex, duplicity and betrayal. 
Producers: Philippe Martinez, Elizabeth Hurley 
Sales: MSR Media Intl. 

Wichita Libra  

Director: Henry Dunham 
Producer: Jay van Hoy  
Key cast: Phoebe Dynevor 
Synopsis: In the aftermath of a triple murder in her hometown, Frannie Jacobs fled rural Kansas for Chicago and started a new life. A decade on, she is drawn back home after her brother’s death to decode a cryptic letter he left behind, suggesting that the wrong man was charged with the crime that tore her community and family apart all those years ago, and that an anonymous missing woman could clear his name. 
Sales: Mister Smith Entertainment (international); UTA (North America) 

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