Best Star Wars Movie Since The Last Jedi

That said, there are a few complaints. /Film’s Jeremy Mathai calls it “loud, super-sized, and constantly dialed up to 11. Too bad so little of it feels new, visually creative, or, uh, just plain interesting. Not even Jonathan Majors can save this hollow, repetitive exercise.”

CNET’s Sean Keane thinks there’s “way too much going on — it’s tough to connect emotionally to any of it. Kang is a charismatic, intense baddy and visually awesome, but the threat he represents is too abstract.”

Most of the early reactions are positive though, with critics noting the visuals, humor, and stakes. Some feel it’s the best “Ant-Man” film yet. Of course, that doesn’t mean a whole lot — early buzz for “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” was also very positive, but the reviews were a step down.

io9’s Germain Lussier calls it “a huge sci-fi adventure with gorgeous world-building that feels almost little un-Marvel in how much world-building there is.” For Fandango’s Erik Davis, the third “Ant-Man” movie is a “psychedelic rollercoaster full of frightening [and] hilarious oddities.” CineXpress’s Fico Cangiano writes that it’s “the best of the trilogy. Higher stakes, dangers [and] repercussions.”

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