Blue Beetle Action Figures, Funko POPs, And Collectibles Are Flying In

As the primary license holder for detailed DC Comics action figures, McFarlane Toys is behind the “Blue Beetle” collectibles that bring the superhero and the film’s primary adversary to your shelf. 

First up, there are two different versions of Blue Beetle, and each come with different accessories to vary up his fighting capabilities. One version comes with combat gear, including two energy rings, and energy sword, and something referred to as an energy construct. That’s a lot of energy! Meanwhile, the other version is referred to as “Battle Mode,” and he comes with four swappable hands and two wings. Personally, I would think that the weapons would be what constitutes battle mode for Blue Beetle, but that’s just me. Each Blue Beetle is $19.99. (Both versions are the same size, so don’t let the picture mislead you).

Of course, Blue Beetle needs someone to fight, and that’s where Carapax comes into play. The villain has been given what McFarlane Toys refers to as a Megafig, which is a larger figure that is scaled to the 7-inch line. That’s because Carapax’s suit is much beefier than Blue Beetle, which is why he’s such an imposing villain. Sadly, he doesn’t come with any accessories beyond a figure stand, but the detail on the suit looks pretty impressive. Since it’s a Megafig, this one will cost you $39.99.

For the collector looking for something outside of the toy realm, McFarlane Toys also has two different statues of Blue Beetle available. The first is a more affordable 12-inch statue featuring the hero crouched and ready to fight on top of a stylized base, which costs $39.99. However, the second, more expensive 12-inch resin statue really delivers Blue Beetle’s superhero form, as it depicts the character lunging into battle with his wings spread and a claw attached to his arm. Unfortunately, it costs $249.99. 

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