Blue Beetle’s Villain Has Deep Ties To A Real American Controversy

At the end of the film’s second act, Jaime and his family have been beaten down. Victoria Kord has infiltrated their quaint home with soldiers, and the Blue Beetle suit is incapacitated by some kind of harpoon claw weapon aboard Victoria’s helicopter above, leaving Jaime vulnerable. Though the Reyes family seems to be out of harm’s way, his father Alberto (Damián Alcázar) can’t handle all the chaos, and he goes into cardiac arrest. Despite attempts to revive him, the Reyes family loses Alberto, and Jaime is taken away in a helicopter by Victoria and Carapax. 

Of course, this allows for the Reyes family to come together in an inspirational and beautiful way. As Nana Reyes (Adriana Barraza) tells the rest of the family in the aftermath, there will be time to cry later. Now is the time to turn their pain into power, as many proud Mexican families have done across generations of oppression and prejudice, so they can save Jaime and honor Alberto. 

After a third act full of superhero action and Nana Reyes calling upon her surprising history as a badass revolutionary, Jaime is back in superhero mode with the Blue Beetle suit working with him harmoniously, and he gets his chance to take down Carapax. Filled with anger and a thirst for revenge, he nearly chooses to kill the soldier who’s at least partially responsible for his father’s death. But the scarab stops his vengeance from being carried out, reminding Jaime that he’s not a killer, bringing a true symbiosis to him and the scarab. The scarab goes one step further, too, and it reveals the tragic past that it learned about Carapax while it was being uploaded into his OMAC suit. 

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