Bob Odenkirk And Rhea Seehorn Break Down Jim And Kimmy’s Final Scene In Better Call Saul

The fate of Kim Wexler had been speculated about since “Better Call Saul” began, with viewers unsure if she would meet a grisly fate or somehow get her life ruined by Jimmy/Saul, leading to their separation. As it tuned out, Kim’s guilt following the death of Howard Hamlin would lead her to disbar herself so that she could no longer practice law. Her black-and-white flash-forwards painted Kim as a shell of her former self, disappointed in Jimmy and what he had become. Still, Jimmy’s last transformation into Saul Goodman would show Kim there’s still some good-natured McGill in him. 

Rhea Seehorn talked to Empire about Jimmy and Kim’s final scene and how unexpectedly poignant it was. With hardly any dialogue, it was Bob Odenkirk’s facial expressions that spoke volumes to Seehorn during filming:

“I hadn’t realized the way Bob-as-Jimmy was going to look at me, and it was so arresting. To me, it was so much about him letting her know, ‘I’m okay, the best of me that you always saw is alive and well,’ and I think she’s trying to let him know, ‘I see that.’ She still loves him.”

Jimmy and Kim’s relationship is pivotal to the series, so closure is necessary. To Rhea Seehorn, this final scene of the series was one last moment of intimacy and authenticity between the two characters:

“The entire series, these two people had all sorts of different masks they wore out in the world, and they only truly felt seen by each other. That’s what that last moment felt like to me.”

“Better Call Saul” is an incredible series with stellar character work to the end. It proves a great series doesn’t need a loud, violent conclusion like “Breaking Bad.” Instead, it chose to stay true to its characters and story, delivering a nuanced and quiet yet deeply emotionally-resonant conclusion.

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