Bob Odenkirk Is Having A Miserable Midlife Crisis … And It Looks Wonderful

“Being an adult is 80% misery,” says Hank. The trailer for “Lucky Hank” has just about everything a person can want. Bob Odenkirk has absolutely nailed the energy of the guy who launches off into “kids these days” monologues in the middle of a grocery store, retaliating against his less-than-impressed college students by telling them they attend a school that is the capital of mediocrity. He’s a grumpy ol’ cuss who is happily stuck in his ways, noting that he’s “concerned that [he] might say something really consistent with [his] personality but inconsistent with a modern college campus.”

It’s obviously hard to tell based solely on the trailer, but “Lucky Hank” looks like it might be the first show to truly understand the generational divide between boomers and Gen Z without it turning into a boring retread that essentially distills the “old man yells at cloud” meme from “The Simpsons.” I’ve got high hopes that “Lucky Hank” will be yet another hit for AMC and Odenkirk.

“Lucky Hank” arrives on March 19, 2023.

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