Carmy Is Finally Solving Mikey’s Mystery In Season 2 Of The Bear

“Let it rip” is a bit of a catch-all saying in the Berzatto household, but it is particularly used between Carmy and Mikey to communicate their plans for their future business venture. In the star-studded anxiety attack that is “Fishes,” a flashback episode reveals that Mikey and Carmy had always planned to work together on a restaurant. Carmy gifts Mikey a sketch of this dream restaurant’s exterior as a Christmas present. In reply, Mikey has one thing to say: “Let it rip.”

Another mystery is introduced in season 2 when the fire suppression system presents a seemingly insurmountable problem for The Bear crew. A seed for a solution is subtly planted in the premiere episode when Sydney falls through a hole in the wall and tears Mikey’s beloved poster of Fenway Park. Richie explains that Mikey used this wall to store the means for a crackpot scheme. The late Berzatto believed that should the restaurant burn down, it could earn the business some insurance money that could be used for franchising.

The fire suppression system is a continual problem for the manual labor team of Fak, Sweeps, and Richie throughout season 2. The problem comes to a head in episode 8 when this test is the only remaining piece of the puzzle standing in the way of The Beef’s grand re-opening as The Bear. It is only in the eleventh hour that Fak finally solves the mystery — Mikey had overridden the fire suppression system so that the gas wouldn’t turn off, making it easier for fires to start and expand in the kitchen and thus allowing him to collect insurance money. This moment marks a huge breakthrough for the business and for the decryption of Mikey’s many scatterbrained messages from the beyond.

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