How Jackass Star Steve-O Avoided Getting Arrested While Filming His New Special [Exclusive]

One of the sketches featured in “Bucket List” is the very self-explanatory “Dick Painting.” And despite the fact Steve-O does everything from going horseback riding after getting a vasectomy to recreationally receiving an epidural, he tells Smith that “there’s zero question” that “Dick Painting” was the most stressful thing to shoot for the special. In … Read more

Fallout TV Series — Release Date, Cast And More Info

The “Fallout” TV show stars Ella Purnell (“Yellowjackets,” “Arcane”) as Lucy, while Kyle MacLachlan (“Dune,” “Twin Peaks”) plays her father, the “overseer” of Vault 33. Aaron Moten (“Next”) plays the squire Maxiumus, and Walton Goggins (“Justified”) plays The Ghoul.  Elsewhere, Moisés Arias (“Monos”) is set to play Lucy’s brother, Sarita Choudhury (“Homeland”) will play a … Read more

What’s The Hold Up On Arcane Season 2?

As Nicolo Laurent himself said on Twitter, the first season of “Arcane” took six years to make, most of that in pre-production. While we don’t know exact budget numbers, Toonami co-creator and anime producer Jason DeMarco has pointed out that the show did have a much bigger budget than most animated shows. “[The] budget is WAY … Read more