Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Packs An Emotional Gut-Punch And Introduces Smart Power

Still, this is “Chainsaw Man,” and this is Denji we’re talking about — possibly the dumbest anime protagonist ever — so it is not all doom and gloom. Knowing he is now a target for the Gun Devil, Makima sets the two devil hunters up with Himeno’s trainer to be better at fighting devils. Enter anime Mads Mikkelsen, who proceeds to test Power and Denji on whether they feel bad for their dead comrades, want revenge for their deaths, and asks if they support humans or devils. Shockingly (not), the duo responds that they do not care one bit about their dead colleagues, and they’d support whichever side is winning and cares about them. This prompts their new teacher, Kishibe, to declare them the best possible candidates for devil hunting, and proceeds to murder them.

That’s right. Because Power and Denji are essentially immortal, able to heal just by drinking blood, Kishibe’s plan is to hunt them down and kill them again and again until they’re able to fight back.

But these are not the same Denji and Power from early in the season, they’ve grown and gotten closer ever since Denji saved the fiend a few episodes back — Denji even calls Power “Powy” now, and she seems a lot more caring and considerate towards him. Power comes up with a strategy to take down Kishibe by outsmarting him and using “cerebral warfare,” which really just means the two of them putting on glasses. Unsurprisingly, the plan fails miserably and the two die a bunch of times, but it is a total delight to see it happen.

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