Chainsaw Man’s Voice Cast Knew There Would Be High Expectations For The Series

Chainsaw Man is a shonen protagonist who doesn’t have the same drive that characters in the genre usually do; he’s more interested in getting his first kiss than becoming the strongest. Levy’s intention with the series is to explore every subtle detail while remaining faithful to the madness that is “Chainsaw Man”:

“I have to be true to the story and know where it goes and all these things. We’re going to play all of those little nuances. And I’m going to do everything I can to give this boy as much love, truth, and insanity.”

Although Levy has made his commitment to the character his first priority, that doesn’t mean he is entirely ignorant of what fans think of the series. It’s quite the opposite, in factl the voice actor is paying close attention to the “Chainsaw Man” fan community:

“I check every week when the episodes come out, I look online, and I read all the comments, good and bad, and in between, because to me, it’s all informative. Everyone’s opinion is valid and something to learn from and grow from.”

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