Charlie Day Received Insider Info From Wade Boggs During His Always Sunny Episode

Without the Wade Boggs episode of “Sunny,” the world may never have known exactly how many beers he drank that fateful day. For that, fans of comedy, baseball, and drinking alike should tip their caps to the writers behind this stand-out episode, which Howerton named as one of his ten favorites of the series, per Vice.

Like most of the show, the idea for “The Gang Beats Boggs” was thought up initially by series creators and stars Howerton, Day, and Rob McElhenney. However, the rest of the episode can be credited to brother writing duo Dave and John Chernin.

“We break the stories as a writer’s room, and then writers get assigned episodes or we go off and write it,” Howerton said of the writing process. “Then the very final part of the process is that me, Rob, and Charlie punch up and rewrite the whole thing. Some require very little rewriting and some require a lot, and I don’t remember where that one was. But I know Dave and John are f***ing brilliant, so my guess is we didn’t rewrite that one all that much.”

“Sunny” has held a captive audience for 16 seasons and counting, but not every episode manages to excite the series creators as much as their fans. However, the Boggs episode is an exception. “This episode is just so funny to me,” Howerton continued. “It always makes me laugh. We were deep into the series at that point — I think it was season 10 — and this episode felt fresh. It felt new.”

It’s easy to see why Howerton ranks this episode among his favorites. Not only is it hilarious, but it also settled an age-old debate. By taking their crack at the Boggs challenge, the gang unlocked a mystery.

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