Charlie Day Tried To Get Out Of Kissing Kaitlin Olson In It’s Always Sunny Season 10

Howerton and McElhenney knew their co-stars would be uncomfortable kissing each other, but they thought it’d be funny if they pushed the boundaries of comedy even further.

“Rob and I were like, ‘Take her clothes off! What are you doing? C’mon, let’s go!'” Howerton told Bustle. “I want to do a thing where they start to have sex and then they do have sex, for like, eight straight minutes. And we show it. All of it. I’m not kidding. A so-excruciatingly long and uncomfortable montage of them having sex. Nobody else, Charlie, wouldn’t go for that.”

If that scene doesn’t sound very funny to you, then you’re not alone. Even Howerton admitted that it “wouldn’t be funny at all until it just kept going and going and going and then it becomes funny again, hopefully” (via Conan).

Day wasn’t the only one that was dreading this scene. Olson also found the prospect of kissing her co-star — the one she isn’t married to, anyway — to be sufficiently awkward. “Charlie’s like my brother,” she interjected. “It’s very strange. He doesn’t like to be touched at all, ever, and I had to kiss him.”

Despite the anticipation leading up to the day of the shoot, the actors still managed to have fun with it. “Look, it ended up being great,” Olson added. “We were very nervous about it for a while and at the very end he was like, ‘We don’t really get to kiss other people very often, let’s just enjoy it.’ And I was like, ‘That’s cool.”

Even though what Day said was true, it was still a pretty bold thing to say to his friend’s wife. So, how did McElhenney react to his long-time collaborator being so forward?

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