Chris Pratt’s Cavalier Attitude Towards Nude Scenes Got Him In Trouble On The Parks And Recreation Set

In the clip, Pratt says that Andy was supposed to show up to the house naked and that for filming purposes, they give you skin-colored underwear that they later pixelate out so the audience can’t see your bits and pieces. When Andy gets to the door in his birthday suit, Amy Pohler’s character Leslie Knope opens the door instead, sees him naked, and yells, “Andy!” According to the interview, Pratt didn’t think “she was really reacting to seeing my d***.” There are too many jokes to make here. I’m overwhelmed, so I’ll let you insert your own. Pratt explains that he thought it would be a good idea to “drop my trou as an improv!” He figured that would make them use the take … which he says they did. 

How did Pratt decide that this would be the right move? He asked a crew member who apparently nodded at him in support (though in an interview with Seth Meyers via People, Pratt said the crew member responded, “Oh gosh, I don’t know.”) Great. Official permission, I guess? NBC didn’t think so. Pratt says: 

“Dropped trou, and then I got a letter from NBC saying basically never, ever do that again. There is a protocol to being naked, you must give everyone the option to not see it. I forgot, yes there’s not that many people in the room, but there’s a camera and behind the camera is a ton of people watching, you know?”

Yup. Shows have a crew. They have camera people and makeup people, and lighting people … many of whom probably didn’t wake up that day thinking there would be a naked actor on set. Silly crew.

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