Ciri Will Be The Witcher’s ‘Main Character’ Following Season 3

In the interview linked above, Gaub and Baginski seem enthusiastic about Ciri assuming a more central role in the show. There might be some confusion about her main character status as the show is titled “The Witcher,” referring to Geralt — however, it is important to remember that Ciri is a witcher too and that one of her canon game endings in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” lets her be a witcher for the rest of her life. Just like in the books, Ciri in the show is many things: Ithelinne’s prophecy revolves around her, potentially making her the future queen of Cintra, the savior of the Elves, a formidable witcher, and the one capable of uniting the Continent during widespread division and turmoil.

Baginski spoke in detail about Allan’s responsibility to up the stakes as Ciri and praised the actor for her dedication to making Ciri the protagonist in a story filled with compelling characters:

“I think this was very exciting to do, but especially for Freya. This is also the book [Time of Contempt] where Ciri – let’s be blunt about this – becomes the main character of the saga, because this is how it was done in the books, and watching Ciri evolve, and watching Freya evolve as an actress in this season, was incredible, just incredible.”

Moreover, Gaud echoed Baginski’s sentiment by stating that Allan “knew it was her time to step up centerstage and carry a lot of massively important moments to the overall story.” As the story’s focus shifts to Ciri after season 3, one should expect Geralt to play a more subtle, supportive role while still being important, with Ciri grabbing the reins of her fate to evolve into the fierce, complex, and self-sufficient woman that book-readers know and love.

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