City Primeval Hopes To ‘Get It Right’ With Its Depiction Of Law Enforcement

/Film’s Vanessa Armstrong was in attendance when Olyphant was asked about a courtroom interrogation scene in the first episode, which finds Givens having to answer some tough questions about his handling of a Black suspect. Olyphant credited miniseries co-developer Michael Dinner with “putting Raylan on the stand” early on. Per the star:

“I thought it was a great idea. My wife loves ‘Law & Order.’ Perhaps I love ‘Law & Order.’ But we’re not that. We’re not a show that just cheerleads for law enforcement. I’d like to think part of what makes Elmore Leonard’s world something different is… the lead characters are self-aware a little bit. They’re aware of their flaws and they’re aware of their shortcomings and they’re aware that it’s complicated.”

Dinner jumped in to clarify that, while the miniseries will depict how Raylan is adapting to a “changing world,” it’s not going to get preachy:

“I think it’s inherent in the material, in the eight episodes of the story. We didn’t do a show about ideas, we did a show that’s emotional. We’re not beating the drum, but it’s certainly front and center. The world has changed and Raylan has changed. So certainly it’s an issue, but we’re not putting it so front and center that it becomes a diatribe.”

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