Claire Danes Always Thought Of Homeland As A Piece Of ‘Origami’

In an interview with the Guardian, Claire Danes discussed the never-ending relevance of “Homeland” as a reflection of a constantly evolving reality:

It’s a little like origami. You just refold it and it becomes a slightly different creature. Its function was to mirror what was happening in the world and that’s ever changing, so by definition it had places to move and grow, and it was never going to suffer too badly from stagnation. My character was so wildly dynamic there was always a new facet to start to explore.

As Danes aptly noted, “Homeland” was able to shift its narrative from season to season through the powerful lens of the protagonist. At the center of every international incident was the story of Carrie, a woman who suffered from bipolar disorder and the trauma that came with her profession. A devastatingly personal journey grounded the high-stakes nature of the show (almost to a fault). “Homeland” always closely tied itself to real-world events, and that was especially true for the eighth and final season.

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