Clone Force 99 Grows Up A Little

Whitewashing: Don’t expect any adjustment to the Bad Batch’s pale skin tones (compared to regs), which have been the subject of whitewashing criticisms.

Filler: There is one inventive “Indiana Jones”-inspired episode, a fun filler unlike the one filler dud in season 1, that may or may not be teasing some outside lore.

Clones don’t have political representation: I do have a particular criticism of one of the best season 2 episodes. It centers the clones’ lack of political representation, yet it is not quite a clone-centric episode.

Some welcomed voice talents: Wanda Sykes contributes her voice talents as Phee, a bubbly and boastful pirate who shares the treasure-hunting occupation of Mika Grey from “Star Wars Resistance.”¬†Though like Mika, it feels like she exists outside “The Bad Batch” as her own character. Jimmi Simpson also has a chilling role I will not disclose.

Music: Composer Kevin Kiner is pulling off his excellent scoring, as usual, toying with various genre-based textures for a variety of worlds and situations.

The first two episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 are now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes weekly.

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