Colin Farrell’s Batman Villain Heads To Max

The teaser is shockingly put together given that the show only recently started filming. It is a mix of actual footage and behind-the-scenes goods, though it largely plays like a teaser trailer. It looks like a very gritty crime drama and is billed as “the next chapter in The Batman saga.” Primarily, it looks like Penguin is looking to become the next crime kingpin of Gotham City, filling the void Carmine Falcone left behind.

This is just one of several projects that Reeves has in the works that will expand the scope of this universe. There is also a show in the works that will take place in Arkham Asylum, though few details have been revealed about that project up to this point. There is also potential for spin-off films in the universe, though nothing has been confirmed on that front, either. It’s also worth noting that the main DC Universe being put together by James Gunn and Peter Safran will have its own Batman, who will debut in “The Brave and the Bold.”

The cast for the “Penguin” series also includes Cristin Milioti (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Rhenzy Feliz (“The Runaways”), Michael Kelly (“House of Cards”), Shohreh Aghdashloo (“The Expanse”), Deirdre O’Connell (“The Requin”), and Clancy Brown (“John Wick: Chapter 4”) as Salvatore Maroni. Craig Zobel (“The Hunt”) is on board to direct the first three episodes. Dylan Clark, Colin Farrell, LeFranc, Zobel, and Bill Carraro also serve as executive producers.

“The Penguin” series does not yet have a release date set.

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