Creature Commandos Animated TV Series Is Coming To James Gunn’s DC Universe, Weasel Will Return

If you have never heard of the Creature Commandos before this announcement, don’t feel bad. They are quite a deep cut in the world of DC Comics, and they haven’t been featured in a ton of outside media. However, now that they’re finally getting their time to shine, let’s break these characters down.

Nina Mazursky might sound like a typical female doctor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s actually a hybrid of a Gill-man and a mermaid, having been transformed after a series of radical experiments. Doctor Phosphorus is new to the Creature Commandos team but has been known to antagonize Batman with his toxic, burning skin. Frankenstein adopted the name of his creator to make things less confusing, and his “creation,” the Bride, will be taking over his usual mantle as the team’s leader. It’s not clear which incarnation of G.I. Robot will be joining the Creature Commandos, but all of them and their abilities are pretty self-explanatory. Finally, Rick Flag Sr. is a former military commander likely still grieving the death of his son.

Needless to say, it sounds like the Creature Commandos are going to be an interesting foil to the Suicide Squad, even across mediums. Regardless, the idea of such a niche team being brought to the forefront makes us pretty hopeful for the future of the DC Universe. After all, it’s the weird and unusual stuff that’s going to make your franchise stand out.

“Creature Commandos” is currently in production.

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