Damon Lindelof’s Mrs. Davis is the Most Audacious New Sci-fi Series Since Westworld

A full review of “Mrs. Davis” will run closer to release, from a critic who has had a chance to see the full season. But I felt the need to sound the alarm here. Fans of Lindelof’s previous work, including “Lost,” “The Leftovers,” and “Watchmen” will find some of his recurring interests at play here, but Hernandez is the showrunner, and it’s clearly her vision that will throw folks expecting something familiar for a loop. Her show is funnier by default than Lindelof’s other work, a bit more barbed and a whole lot sillier — there are times when “Mrs. Davis” feels like Monty Python’s take on the Chatbot plaguing modern institutions, or “Hot Rod” if the characters were staring down a impending dystopia with no easy escape.

What you need to know: Betty Gilpin (outstanding, as always) plays Simone, a nun in an alternate 2023 where life is dominated by an all-powerful artificial intelligence named Mrs. Davis, which has quietly taken over the world by making life easier for everyone. Simone, whose intense (and bizarre!) backstory is drip-fed throughout the two episodes I have seen, finds herself in conflict with Mrs. Davis. Chaos ensues. Satiric scabs are pulled. Surreal imagery is employed. There is more than one grisly beheading. Quite frankly, it’s as maddening as it is instantly addictive.

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